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Commercial Access Control Systems Arizona

Gold Standard Technology offers a services door access control system Arizona and nearest locations. An access control system is a vital component of modern security infrastructure, designed to regulate and manage entry into physical spaces. These systems provide a secure and efficient means of restricting access to authorized individuals, protecting valuable assets, and ensuring the safety of both commercial and residential environments. Gold Standard Technology offers a commercial access control system Arizona, Phoenix, Maricopa County and Chandler.

Type of Door Access Control

There are various types of commercial access control systems Arizona. These mechanisms employed in access control systems to enforce security measures.

Discretionary Access Control:

DAC refers to a security mechanism that allows gate access based on the discretion of the gate owner or administrator.

Mandatory Access Control:

MAC systems are designed to ensure that access to gates is granted only to individuals who meet the specified security criteria.

Role-Based Access Control:

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for gates is a security model that provides access control based on the roles and responsibilities of individuals within an organization or system.

Door Access Control
Access Control Readers

Types of Access Control Readers

Keypad Readers:

Keypad readers require users to enter a unique PIN (Personal Identification Number) to gain access. These readers are often combined with other access control technologies, such as proximity cards or biometric readers, to provide an additional layer of authentication.

Smart Card Readers:

Smart card readers are designed to read and interact with smart cards, which contain an embedded microprocessor chip. These cards store and process data, providing a higher level of security compared to magnetic stripe or proximity cards.

Biometric Readers:

Biometric readers use unique physical or behavioral traits to authenticate individuals. These readers capture and analyze biometric data, such as fingerprints, iris patterns, or facial features, to verify a person’s identity.

Facial Recognition Readers:

Facial recognition readers are a subset of biometric readers that specifically focus on analyzing facial features for identification purposes. These readers capture an individual’s facial image and compare it against a database of authorized faces.

MyQ Business

Gold-Standard Technology are proud to Partner with LiftMaster MyQ Business! Here are some great features that cloud connected door access control systems can provide.

MyQ Cloud Based Access Control

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